That Mother Under the Umbrella

We wrote this poem in honor of all of those moms who sacrifice so much so that their children can learn the lessons that come from participating in sports. Thank you to all the baseball, softball, football, soccer, basketball, dance (the list goes on) …..moms. We dedicate this to you!

That Mother Under the Umbrella:

There I was, a boy standing in the Batter’s Box, in the driving rain, hands cold, uniform wet, wondering if the game would be called….
And there she was in her lawn chair and quilt, under the umbrella.

There I was a boy standing on the mound, in the blazing heat, dry mouth, sweat dripping, skin burning…. And there she was, drink in hand under the umbrella

There I was, a boy dejected from defeat, head bowed, tears flowing, feeling frustrated…. And there she was with her arm around me under the umbrella

Now here I stand, a man, a husband, a father, an employee, a neighbor, a coach, a friend… And I realize that much of the good that I am goes back to having a mother who was always there….Under the umbrella.

I love you mom! Thanks for always being there “under the umbrella”.


Shad Martin & Dustin Smith