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  • Bring E4A into schools who can’t afford it.
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  • Provide materials to students such as E4A wristbands, notebooks, etc.
  • All donations go 100% towards bringing the E4A program to more athletes and providing additional tools, camps, and training.
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What People are Saying About E4A

One of the major reasons why decided to get involved was, we're huge believers in the message, [and] we just feel strongly that there's more people that this message can impact.

Jason Coulam / COO - Avalaunch Media / E4A Donor
Holly Hundred

It has 100% help my son, it has helped those around him, and it has encouraged him to be a better person.

Holly Hundred / E4A Athlete Mother
Terri Spiers

With Especially For Athletes, the first word that comes to mind is incredible. It get's it! It's a great program, once they've heard the message it's definitely effective them in a positive way, so absolutely!

Terri Spiers / Weber High School
Matt Norman

The Especially For Athletes program has mad a big impact in a short amount of time. What a great program to help build character with your student athletes.

Matt Norman / Pleasant Grove High School
Everett Kelopolo

The Program stands on it's own. I think every administrator throughout the world, throughout the nation would benefit from this program.

Everett Kelopolo / Springville High School
Jaren Hall

Without this program there's would be a lot of things that would have gone different this last year. I can honestly say that to be true.

Jaren Hall / High School Student
John Haning

It's a program that can really help turn an individual athletic program around, …and it can make a difference for a lot of schools.

John Haning / Woods Cross High School
Gracen Chiniqui

If I could speak to every cheerleader, I would tell them whether or not you are being watched and to always have your eyes up and be doing the work, because it's really important.

Gracen Chiniqui / High School Student

We really need this in our lives now days, where people are becoming a lot more cruel to other people.

Hawk Ballstaedt / Jr High Student

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