Especially for Athletes (“E4A”) is a movement designed to inspire athletes, and those with whom they associate, to maximize their athletic potential and to use their talents and social influence to assist and lift others. E4A is seeking to build a culture of athletes focused on changing lives through better use of the attention and influence that accompanies their position.

E4A provides education, training, and motivational tools to inspire athletes to focus on doing more, and becoming more than just a great athlete. Schools, teams, youth organizations, and individual athletes are encouraged to become E4A certified and join the growing group of athletes of all ages and skill levels, including college and professional athletes, in committing to the E4A promise and wearing proudly their Eyes Up-Do the Work wristband.

“The Sportlight” Book

What is the “Sportlight” and how can athletes be the leaders in the effort to create a safer, more enriching and productive experience for fellow classmates, teammates and their communities? The book The Sportlight, from Especially for Athletes, addresses this topic and many others that will change the way we look at sports and some of it’s most important life lessons. A must read for all athletes, parentz of an athletes, and coaches.

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“The Sportlight” Podcast

Welcome to the “Sportlight podcast for parents, coaches, and athletes.
“The Sportlight” is the time in an athlete’s life when they have increased ability to affect the culture around them and the increased opportunity to learn life’s lessons through sports.

On this podcast, we discuss principles and topics that aim to help parents, coaches, and athletes capitalize on the athlete’s precious time in the “The Sportlight”.

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“When I heard the passion behind E4A I just knew I had to be a part of it. I really do think people should ask themselves why they wouldn’t make the Especially for Athletes promise. Eyes Up, to me, means recognizing without God none of this would be possible.”


“I’ve been that person in the Sportlight. People think you’re cool because you can throw a football, it’s about more than that. It’s about being a good person, and being there for other who may need some help”


“At the end of the day, the most important thing for athletes is what they learn about life. You can do more than you think you can. Don’t be afraid to be really good. Especially for Athletes really helps athletes be cognizant of what they want to get out of athletics. Players, coaches, parents, everyone can get caught up in wins and losses. But they need to get ready for life and the more they are aware, the better chance they have.”


Especially for Athletes Principles


Athletes learn to better manage time and approach their days in a way that they can more effectively accomplish goals each day. We call this Winning Each Hour and Putting First Things First.


Athletes are taught about Resiliency, Competing the right way, and the dangers of misusing the attention they receive as athletes.

Compete Without Contempt

Athletes are encouraged to healthy competition while respecting and valuing the abilities and worth of others.


Athletes learn how to be appreciative, sincere in their desires and using sports as a tool to bless the lives of others by giving back, and how to expand the team feel within their community.


E4A on KSL Radio on the Impact of the Referee Shortage

KSL Radio Show “Dave & Dujanovic” fears bad behavior at youth sports games will be the demise of pay to play leagues. And it happened again at a football game [...]

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E4A Featured on Fox 13 News

E4A talked about the impact it’s making on suicide prevention on Fox 13’s Good Day Utah. Watch the video above to see the full interview. Youth suicide rates in Utah [...]

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