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In his first NFL start, E4A memberJaren Hall completed his first 5 passes for 78 yards and led his team down to the 1 yard line before getting hit hard and taken out with a concussion. We love and are praying for Jaren and a quick recovery. 🙏
Mental health is not a weakness.  Let’s help each other.
#eyesupdothework #motivationalmonday
"It will always be a pleasure to give EYES UP DO THE WORK bracelets to young men and women heading out on missions or service opportunities when they stop by my home asking to wear the simple reminder of living with Eyes Up and always striving to DO the Work". -Dustin  #EyesUpdotheWork
We need you young woman to keep leading. You're awesome!
Sometimes we simply make mistakes and sometimes we make stupid decisions. Athletes, John Wayne once said "Life is hard, but it's harder when you're stupid." 😉 Another definition for Eyes Up Do the Work is "Don't be stupid." 😉
Long time E4A member Jaren Hall is going to kill it this weekend at the NFL Combine! 

#EyesUpDotheWork #QBelite #becomeElite
“Empty the tank” Here is a preview of this week’s Sportlight Podcast. Click on the link for the whole episode and search The Sportlight Podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts!
Win the Hour, be your best self, words matter, stand tall and be outstanding!  #eyesupdothework
CHAD LEWIS at the Especially for Athletes Golf Fundraiser. Be cool to your parents!!! #eyesupdothework #motivationalmonday
This was 6 years ago, but here we are, 40,000 athletes later, and the  message is still juat as relevant and important. We've improved the message and the tools to teach and inspire. The athletes and parents are receiving the challenge and doing all sorts of good for their communities. Let's keep it up. #EYESUPDOTHEWORK
We need to get our Eyes Up and live!

We love interviewing golfers. They are so insightful with the mental approach to sports. Just like Daniel Summerhayes a few podcasts back, BYU Golfer and 3-time startle champion Zac Jones, walked us through some of his mental preparation for golf. The thoughts he shared on winning the hour, and resilience were so insightful and applicable to every athlete. Here’s a sample from the podcast that posted this week. Listen to “The Sportlight Podcast” where ever you listen to podcasts.

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