Gordon Hayward: A Great Example of an Athlete Who Lives His Life with his Eyes Up!

Last Saturday Gordon Hayward came and spoke about the E4A principles to a few different groups in the Salt lake area. During one of those meetings a person asked him a question about his faith. His answer provided a wonderful example of someone who lives their life with their eyes up. He said that both of his parents and his twin sister are under 6 feet tall and that he considers it a gift from God that he has the height and abilities that he has. He said that he feels a responsibility to use that gift to bless the lives of others. He told the group that his mother sends him a text before each game that says, “Remember who you play for”.

The answer is not the Utah Jazz by the way. This is something his mother does for him to remind him of where his talents come from. Gordon, and his mother, are great examples of people who live their lives with their eyes up. Do you recognize where your talents come from? Do you use them to bless others or impress others? What can you to to remind yourself of who you play for? Those are some questions E4A athletes should ask themselves frequently.

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