E4A Summer Season & Prep for Next School Year

Another school year is coming to a close which means another successful year of athletes trying to do good and improve culture by living with their eyes up and doing the work. Thank you for your efforts this school year.

As we head into the summer months the need to be aware and to serve does not go away simply because you are not in school. We believe it actually needs to be picked up and more needs to be done. Remember that the 4 core principles of E4A are not unique to just those involved in athletics, or to the classroom or lunchroom. Winning the Hour, Competing Without Contempt, being Resilient and Seeking to Bless not Impress are things we all should try to do, all the time, at all ages and positions in life.

We will be be preparing for the upcoming school year and adding more to the program. As we continue to grow we want also to continue to improve the message and the reach of the program. Please reach out to those you know and share your story of Especially for Athletes and help us reach more people.

We recently heard from a company called BestCompany.com about an opportunity for E4A to raise money this spring. If you are able to help us with that it’s simple. By leaving reviews through BestCompany.com they will donate $2 for every review published on on their site for E4A. Go to
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Work hard this summer, push yourself, see the good in the world and do something to fix the bad. Say thank you more often and help those in your community that may be hurting or struggling. Thank you for all you do is support of E4A, and have a great and safe summer!  #EyesUpDotheWork

Here’s how it works…

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